Heloise LaHarpe

Heloise LaHarpe is a French vietnamese harpist, singer, who offers a versatile universe with her electric Harp, from classical to Electronic landscape, also featuring with Dj’s in Paris. She roams free with her instrument, and her luscious voice flows from Jazz, blues, to a french pop repertoire.

Recently based in Asia, she was chosen to score ‘’L’Inhumaine’’ from  Marcel L’Herbier, which was screened at the international silent film festival in Manila. HeloiseLaHarpe also collaborated with Dj Rork in Hong Kong, to create a show for the Devialet Phantom speakers. She strums her harp regulary with the music director of Dining concept, Dj Fab D Verse, featuring him in lots of the award winning outlets of the group.

Currently, Heloise LaHarpe is working on her first EP with digital content producer, Livy Von Goh. It will be a series of videos focusing on the strong link between music, body movement, and aesthetic in Heloise LaHarpe’s sultry universe.

Videos: http://heloiselaharpe.portfoliobox.net/heloiselaharpevideos
Website: www.heloiselaharpe.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heloise.la.harpe/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/electroharpist/