Heloise LaHarpe

Heloise LaHarpe offers a versatile universe with her electric Harp, from classical to Electronic landscape, also featuring with Dj’s. She roams free with her instrument, and her sultry voice flows from Jazz, blues, to a french pop repertoire.

Heloise LaHarpe is a French vietnamese harpist, singer, and composer. She is classically trained but has quickly directed her musical productions to contemporary pieces. After studies in Sound Design, Heloise LaHarpe has enriched her universe through sound installations & sculptures.

In Paris, she performed solo, with DJ’s and collaborated in studios with various french singers, all while regularly composing soundtracks for fashion designer runway shows.

Recently based between Hong kong and Singapore, she was chosen to score ‘’L’Inhumaine’’ from Marcel L’Herbier, during the international silent film festival in Manila. Heloise LaHarpe also collaborated with Dj Rork to create a show for the Devialet Phantom speakers.

Currently she shapes the sound identity of the french contemporary dance company Keatbeck, and performs as a Harpist and singer with her Jazz quartet and with Dj’s in Hong Kong.