Luciano Nieto ak LuN

Born in Buenos Aires, son of an audio and sound technician, Luciano Nieto started getting interested in professional music at the early age of 13, when his father left him his music studio and he started to handle CDs and vinyls.

In 1998 he began to stand out in the music production world, starting to create his own MIDI sounds and passing through the most important studios in Argentina.

In 2002 he released his first record as a producer, Surfly, a collection of his first 13 tracks, marked by his minimal and deep house style which was his trademark at the time.

In 2004 he started his DJ career participating in numerous private events, clubs and parties.

In 2006 he released Ephimeral, with 16 tracks under ambient, break beats, house and techno sounds.

In 2008 he was in Punta Cana as a resident DJ in the most exclusive places of the area.

In 2009 he edited his latest works in labels from Germany, Italy, Spain and the USA.

His work is characterised by a rhythmic and sonorous fusion, a style that distinguishes him. In Europe he developed an audio visual project for events and clubs, with a show-set of audio and video called Complet Data. He arrived in Ibiza as one of the most influential music producers, sharing projects with the most important artists on the island and participating in events and shows.

In 2011 and 2012 he participated in festivals such as ZOO PROJECT IBIZA.

In the season of 2013, being now an Ibiza DJ resident, he was part of the BACK ROOM party at ES VIVE HOTEL IBIZA. Around the end of that same year he had a weekly residence at MACARENA CLUB BARCELONA, until the start of the summer in 2014.

In summer 2014 LuN continues as a resident of the island participating in parties such as SKY ROOM at USHUAIA TOWER IBIZA HOTEL, placing himself in the international sphere.

In 2015 he made a tour of South America, In 2016 he returned to the hotel Es Vive which was awarded the best ibiza hotel
in the year 2016.

He is nowadays a resident of Ibiza, Spain where he is developing his professional career as an artist. LuN has a Residence at Cafe Del Mar, Ibiza over the summer!