Luke Buirski ​is a highly talented and unique guitarist, in that he is the only musician in Singapore who performs alongside djs. Having started learning the guitar at age 14, he has carved out an impressive career in the last 10 years. A graduate from the prestigious LaSalle College of the Arts, Luke has performed with artists like The Jackson Twinz All Star Band, and The Professionals at the Cannes Music Festival in 2012.

A notable name on the local Singapore music scene, Luke regularly performing with international djs such as Patrick Oliver (USA), DJ Doze, and Miles Slater in addition to his namesake band the Luke Buirski Project. The band released their first EP “​The Phoenix” i​n 2014 to much fanfare.

Always looking to expand his repertoire, Luke will soon be releasing a new single in collaboration with J. Rob, a Michigan (USA) based hip­hop artist.

Luke will be also making his second appearance at the Podium Lounge during the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix.