Mark Doyle

Mark Doyle is the main man behind Fierce Angel Records. The compiler of the CDs, A&R for the record label and world renown, headline DJ at the events across the world.

The numbers make staggering reading; the creator of 3 best-selling dance brands (Hed Kandi, Stereo Sushi & Fierce Angel), a DJ for over 25 years, a radio presenter for over 15 years, compiler of over 80+ best-selling albums resulting in over 3 million sales plus a phenomenal ear for a hit record with 3 top 10 UK chart records and another 10 top ten club chart hits under his belt.

His phenomenal career began in 1988 when he started promoting a club night at the now legendary Haven Stables in Ealing, West London. Another 10 years of DJ’ing in London clubs followed until Mark found himself working at London’s Jazzfm as a marketing executive.

After running the radio station’s jazz record label for a short period Mark suggested that the station branch out and market a new label targeted at clubbers who had grown up during the birth of house. In 1998 the Hed Kandi brand was created incorporating a record label, a radio show and international club nights. During Mark’s tenure, Hed Kandi sold millions of albums worldwide and his unique A&R and marketing vision helped them deliver a string of Top 40 singles and significant artist album sales. In addition, he developed a career as a radio DJ, creating the weekly Hed Kandi Radio Show broadcast on JAZZFM and then across the Galaxy network. Mark established the Hed Kandi brand in Ibiza in 2000; London parties soon followed and the branded events then toured the world, setting the standard that has often been imitated although never equaled.

Mark Doyle created Hed Kandi in 1998 and it was his choice of artwork, music and presentation that succeeded in distinguishing the brand from other house music labels. Mark had previously run the jazzfm compilation label and after much success was asked to come up with a new concept that the listeners might relate to and purchase. Mark produced an album that he would want to buy, It had to have great music, stunning packaging and a unique look, it was here that Hed Kandi was born

The idea of Jason Brooks “Kandi Girl” style artwork started with the release of Nu Cool 2 in 1999 (the first volume of Nu Cool were re-released with new artwork). The designs were by British illustrator Jason Brooks whose work Mark had first seen on flyers for the Pushca club night. Mark stumbled across Jason’s contact details on his work for Faberge’ and contacted him to ask if he would be interested in supplying images for the albums. Jason provided around 50 artwork designs for the brand until 2005 when they both left to join Mark Doyle’s new company.

Hed Kandi had its own radio show, which was broadcast late night/early morning on radio station JazzFM for the first 3 years. Mark Doyle presented each show and presented a mix of funky house, chillout and guest interviews. The Show was taken on by the Galaxy network and quickly moved from a late night show to a prime time slot at 9pm on Friday. Mark presented all the shows for nearly 6 years

Another key element of the Hed Kandi experience were the many branded parties that commenced with a hugely popular night at Rouge in London. The parties were soon appearing worldwide and Mark recruited a team of DJs to help headline the events. These included Matt Collins, Mike Van Loon, Eric Kupper, Stonebridge, Hatty Lovehearts, Andy Norman, John Jones & Craig McGivern. The events became even more popular after Mark chose EL Divino to host their amazingly successful weekly party in Ibiza.

Whilst at Hed Kandi Mark also created and compiled a number of other labels which had a style of their own. The Base Ibiza series consisted of a mix of house music that was popular at Hed Kandi parties held at The Base Bar in Ibiza And Es Vive- a plush hotel in Ibiza from where the compilation takes its name, which provided the backdrop as a companion compilation to Base Bar, comprising primarily chilled and downtempo house. In 2005 both these compilations were released as one 3CD set as opposed to the usual separate releases that had gone before (Mark Doyle’s new music label Fierce Angel took over the release of Es Vive compilations from 2006.)

The Acid Lounge series was compiled by Mark & mixed 45 Dip and consisted of music ranging from chill to acid-trip lounge house and included a ltd edition comic. The Stereo Sushi series was a collection of deep soulful house and was themed around an anime Japanese Idea. This series was very successful and mark compiled 7 releases in this series.

Mark also successfully picked a number of club and chart hits from artist projects he signed to the label. The first artist projects included albums from Afterlife, 45 Dip and Anthea plus singles from Lazy Grace & Fuel. The label enjoyed huge success with the Stonebridge album project which produced two top 10 singles and another top 30 single. Mark also signed Peyton, LNM Project, Late Night Alumni And Solu Music Feat Kimblee.

During the last two years of Mark’s time at Hed Kandi the entire Jazzfm company was purchased by GMG radio and Hed Kandi was included as part of this deal. Since the creation of Hed Kandi Mark had been an employee of Jazz FM, contrary to many opinions Mark never actually owned any part of Hed Kandi and it was mainly due to this that Mark decided to leave in June 2005.

Mark was solely responsible for the creation of Hed Kandi while working for Jazzfm. He presented the radio show, compiled the albums, planned the marketing and art directed the covers. Mark’s last compilation for Hed Kandi was HEDK049 Beach House. He left Hed Kandi in June 2005 to set up his own completely independent record label

In May 2006 Mark launched Fierce Angel Records & Fierce Angel Events. Once again he was joined by Jason Brooks who supplied the artwork for the first 9 releases and his wife Kate Penny-Doyle. During this early period Fierce Angel also secured residencies at some of the finest UK clubs and Mark was joined by a new team of DJs that consisted of a number of old friends including Eric Kupper, Richie Jones, Mike Van Loon, Hatty Lovehearts, Marc Rowell, Verity Mayes and Martin Wright.

In 2013 Fierce Angel announced a new collaborator on its artwork, photographer Luke Woodford. Luke’s stunning work has featured in a number of fashion magazines including Vogue.

Fierce Angel releases so far include Beach Angel, Tokyo Disco, Es Vive, Fierce Angel, Angels Fall, Fierce Disco, Digital Angel and The Collection The label also works with a number of artists including Peyton, The Bassmonkeys, Eric Kupper, The Fierce Collective, Bonnie Bailey, Fac15 and many more. The first release was the stunning club hit “The Answer” which reached number 2 in the club charts in 2007.

The label has continued to release artist EPs including Mike Jolly & Soraya Vivian “In Between” & Fac15 “Twisted By The Pool” Jolyon Petch “Another Universe”and Lucarelli Ed Case & Lovella Ellis “You’re My Everything and the brand new Mirifico Ft Sam Obernik “Nothing But Tomorrow.”

Fierce Angel syndicates its radio show worldwide and now appears on over 45 stations including Gaydio & This Is Electric in the UK.

Through 2015 & 2016 the label released 4 compilations “The Fierce Collective,” “The Story So Far” and The Collection III & IV. As things progress and the compilation market diminishes Fierce Angel is focussing on creating more unique in-house productions and artist led compilations. This included the release of the very best anthems by Peyton who has worked with Mark since the early days of Hed Kandi plus an albums from Mirifico called “The Last Unicorn.” Featured artists ┬áinclude Katherine Ellis, Sam Obernik and Bonnie Bailey. In 2017 the label released the first single from this album “Nothing But Tomorrow” along with remixes and a full video.

Amongst this Mark still finds time to DJ and has appeared at some extremely high profile events including The Podium Lounge for two years running, the world famous Diner En Blanc and numerous venues in Asia, The UK and Europe. Mark is on out on the road virtually every weekend as a DJ or headlining both Fierce Angel and Shine On events.

2017 will see Fierce celebrating 10 years in the business with many events planned across the UK from June. Mark is also starting to consult on music curation for a number of hotels and has become heavily involved in charity work with his London events at Sanctum Soho.

Mark Says “It’s been an amazing ride so far and I’m so pleased to have all our Fierce Team on board for the next exciting chapter in the story of Fierce Angel and would like the thank everyone for all their support over the last 25 years.”