Maya Davidov

Maya Davidov, 23, is a Singaporean singer who, since 2019, has been taken under the wing Savage Garden song-writer and instrumentalist, Daniel Jones. Maya first caught the attention of Daniel through videos of her performing on her YouTube channel ‘xmayanicole‘.

Maya has been singing ever since she can remember, but officially started her musical journey at the tender age of 10 after joining the school choir at United World College, South East Asia. Maya has gone on to sing live at major performance venues including The Esplanade and Yong Sew Tech Conservatory of Music.

Classically trained, she has expanded her musical horizons to include jazz, pop and contemporary music and is looking forward to putting on an amazing show at The Podium Lounge, over the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix alongside superstars Daniel Jones and Kathleen De Leon from Hi-5.