Soraya Vivian

As the saying goes “all good things come in small packages”…and boy…is this diva the full package! If you have already seen soraya vivian perform then you will know that this lady is a force to be reckoned with!

Over the last few years soraya has become the official fierce diva appearing at many of our key events and singing on numerous tracks exclusive to fierce angel including “if you could read my mind,” “where I stood” “when I’m dancing” and the soon to be released “self control” & “hold onto our love.”

She was brought to our attention when she offered to perform free at one of our events and blew the crowd away with her epic stage performance. Since then she has become a full member of the Fierce Angel family.

Her story goes back further than her first apperance with Fierce ngel. This is a lady with a full dance music pedigree. Her first big hit was “when you’re gone” released by aatw it was the longest running “champion tune” on galaxy radio. The video promoting the single was aired non stop on UK dance channels and to this day remains a club classic.

She quickly became a recognisable club performer and also started writing for other producers. Her collaborations included productions with barking brothers, riffs & rays and rhythm masters.

Soraya has collaborated with many amazing artists including riffs n rays, doorley, the fierce collective, mikey dalton, dave ramone, chris montana, pinups, dj neo, studiopunks, jason herd & esquire.

With her powerful voice, great live performances and dynamic personality, it’s no wonder that she is ripping up dance floors across uk & europe.