Stéphane Pompougnac


Stéphane Pompougnac is well known for the legendary compilation series ‘Hôtel Costes – Mixed by Stéphane Pompougnac’ which consists of 15 best-selling volumes!
Since its conception, when Stéphane was first asked to direct the music at Jean-Louis Costes famous hotel restaurant, and with more than 4 million sales, the world has truely experienced a unique phenomenon.

Stéphane started his musical journey in the 80’s drawing his influences from pop, rock, new wave and soul, however the real trigger happened in ’88 when he discovered House, long before the Chicago sound was even a reference. With the arrival of the House scene in France Stéphane found himself playing in the principal parisian venues: Queen, then Les Bains, where he met Claude Challes. This allowed him to broaden his musical scope and on meeting again with his former employer, Jean-Louis Costes, who had given him his first break as a DJ, it was a natural step to take the reigns at his world renowned hotel.

Little by little, Stéphane started leaving his musical mark at Hôtel Costes. The customers, hooked into his universe, asked him about his music and his mixing. This sparked the idea of a compilation in order to spread the spirit of ‘Costes’ throughout the world, a mythical place where baroque is woven into avant-garde, where at any moment the muffled mood might go electric.

The concept quickly turned into a success leaving us today with what is arguably the reference point for all ‘places’ compilations.

Like any ‘créateur’, Stéphane is constantly challenging himself, developing ideas – wild one minute about a sound or a sample for it only to be surpassed by a more luring mood moments later. Stéphane Pompougnac has mixed in the way others may take up a pen to write a story, but not just any story: that of his life. He sees each track as marking a moment in his life – a snapshot of an intense romantic encounter, an infatuation, or a fantasy, awakening the senses, all the better for bodies to move.

Today Stéphane’s schedule takes him to the four corners of the world delivering his brand of new French sophistication – whether it be a party for elite fashionistas, entertaining the stars at the Oscars or Cannes or playing a more upbeat sound to the clubbers at Space in Ibiza or Renaissance in London.

He looks at his trajectory to fame with humour, knowing that this whirlwind can become a little too much. He gets away from the waves of hype by wooing beautiful women, who are a constant inspiration for him, especially for his producing and composing. He doesn’t want to get pegged under the heading of ‘Lounge DJ’. That would be a far too narrow way of grasping what he’s about.